Party Guy  2 U

2 Hr Weekend(F-S): $299.99

2 Hr Weekday(M-T): $ 225.99

1 Hr Lazer Tag: $100.00

Combo Parties Available


Brian Payne Owner/Operator 

(254)707-0421  OR  (817)865-3341 

Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

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Mission Statement

To help make kids birthdays a day they will not forget. Helping parents provide a safe and positive environment party place. We strive to provide a uique way to play video games in a fun and social environment. We want to provide a quality Christain environment in our trailer that is affordable for families and groups. We take pride in providing this experience for our customers.We focus on delivering a unique and compelling experience for everyone. We are committed to being a company that you can depend on to host any event. Throwing a party with us will be a low-stress success!